01Environmental Technologies & Circular Bioeconomy

BETA TC has an extensive knowledge in technologies that pursue the goal of treating and recovering solid, liquid and gaseous waste, both from industrial or urban sources.

This research area has an extensive experience in both biological and physico-chemical processes for treating and recovering solid, liquid and gaseous waste, from industrial or urban sources. The main processes they work is on Anaerobic Digestion, Composting, Membrane Technologies, Adsorption process, among others; as well as in innovative methods that allow to improve the industrial processes of valorisation like cryoconcentration, bio-drying or solid-state fermentation.

The line of environmental technologies aims to:

(i) Offer specific advice to each company to evaluate the technology that best suits their needs and be able to optimize it according to its objectives;

(ii) Optimization and performance evaluation of technologies in various TRLs. From low laboratory-scale TRLs (TRL 2-3) to technologies already implemented in a real environment (TRL 7-8);

(iii) Monitoring of processes on an industrial scale;

(iv) Evaluation of the concept of circular economy to close the water and waste cycle in companies.

Our Environmental Technologies research line work both in biological and physico-chemical processes.
We combine treatments to deal with solid, liquid and gaseous waste from industrial or urban source


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