BETA TC participates in a distance learning course of the UNITWIN Network of UNESCO

It is a distance learning course on innovative, sustainable and clean energy

The UNITWIN Network “Innovative, Sustainable and Clean Energy Research and Education” of UNESCO, of which the BETA Technology Centre of UVic-UCC is a member, has recently started its main training activity. It is a distance learning course on innovative, sustainable and clean energy that aims to give an overview of the different green technologies for the production of clean and innovative energy, following recent international policies. The BETA TC provides knowledge in relation to sustainable rural development, as well as technical knowledge related to various aspects of energy recovery from different types of waste.

The course aims to help develop an overview of different energy and environmental policies, through the presentation of practical or theoretical applications, relevant examples of experimental R&D activities, ongoing projects and their impact in different countries and scenarios. It also includes a second set of lessons more focused on energy management technologies (storage, e-fuels, energy carriers) and sustainable transport. The course is completely free of charge and can be accessed through this link.

The UNITWIN Programme is a partnership between UNESCO and a network of universities and research institutes from different countries that come together to collectively sign an agreement with UNESCO. The UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme is implemented primarily in areas related to UNESCO’s fields of competence, such as education, natural and social sciences, culture and communication.

The UNESCO Chair in Innovative, Sustainable and Clean Energy Research and Education is led by the Università di Genova together with different partners around the world, including UVic-UCC, represented by CT BETA.