Concentration systems for the nutrients of the pig slurry

The novel and advanced concentration system is a cost-effective technology aiming to concentrate the nutrients of the livestock manure in a liquid phase while obtaining a second clarified/low nutrient liquid phase.

The characteristics of the concentrated phase (liquid state) permits the use of one single vehicle to catch, transport and apply to soil the high nutrient concentration effluent. It allows the reduction of costs of long distance transportation and land disposal (as fertilizer) of the concentrated effluent while the diluted will be applied to agricultural soils near the farms.

BETA TC has been involved in the development of an advanced concentration system to concentrate the nutrients of the pig slurry as a new cost-effective technology to reduce the environmental and economic impact of pig slurry management.

Technology demonstration

The assays developed in previous projects have demonstrated that the system is able to reduce up to 70% the initial volume of slurry depending on the initial composition of the waste. This high dilution efficiency will directly affects the reduction of transportation costs.