DECOST raises awareness of primary schools’ students on the benefits of organic waste composting

The project participated in the activities of the International Compost Awareness Week

Originally published in the DECOST website.

The community composting pilot facilities created by the DECOST project in Les Masies de Roda, Spain, have been in full operation for months, providing very positive results as a unique system to treat the 100% of the organic waste generated in this town. This success has allowed this ENI CBC Med project to be present in a very active way in the program of activities of the International Compost Awareness Week that is celebrated each year around the world duroing first full week of May.

Primary students from nearby schools have been able to discover the new waste collection system installed in the town. After learning the theoretical foundations of composting, they were able to visit one of the community composting sites installed in Les Masies de Roda, where they could see all the steps that must be followed to transform urban organic waste into compost. Once the visit was over they had the opportunity to see the final product and use it to plant their own seeds.

On the other hand, another of the activities that caught attention was the first large distribution of compost among the neighbors. After the first months of operation, the new system has already generated a large amount of material that is now returned to residents who wish to use it in their own gardens. In this way it is possible to completely close the circle of waste within the village itself, and at the same time increase the involvement of citizens in the proper functioning of the system.