Optimization of washing processes

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The main goal was to optimize the emptying and washing of the pig gut
  • Start Date: 01/01/2017

    End Date: 30/04/2017

Triposona S.A. is a company of the Germans Aymerich Isern group dedicated to the preparation and marketing of natural casings, meats, salt and cold storage service. Natural casings are used to make fresh, cured or cooked sausages

The joint project with the BETA Technological Center had as its main objective to optimize the emptying and washing of the pig casing, by using the procedure described in the patent developed by the same company Triposona SA (Procedimiento para limpiar tripa gruesa de ganado y producto alimenticio, farmacéutico o para alimento de animales, semielaborado o elaborado con una tripa gruesa de ganado obtenida mediante dicho procedimiento).

Specific goals were also to find new ways to reduce water consumption in the washing process and improve the microbiological quality of washed guts.