Alcaldía de Panamá

Development of the of Panama City's municipal integrated waste management plan

At the beginning of 2016, Panama City had practically non-existent waste management infrastructures.
  • Start Date: 01/04/2015

    End Date: 31/12/2016

With the financial support of an international cooperation programme of the Barcelona Provincial Council, the BETA Technology Centre was able to provide direct assistance to the Panama City Council in the planning and drafting of its municipal integrated waste management plan.

Panama City is a territory that encompasses 50% of the country’s population, with waste generation rates of 1.2 kilos per person/day and which at the beginning of 2016 had practically non-existent waste management infrastructures.

For this reason, urban waste management had generated great concern among the population of Panama City. Faced with this situation, the local government began to propose new strategic lines of action to improve sustainability and environmental management in a comprehensive manner.

In this sense, CT BETA was able to give added value to the elaboration of the final strategic document, accompanying all levels of the administration at a technical level and directly executing some characterisation tests.

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