Do you want to be part of the BETA team?

Do you want to be part of the BETA team?

BETA Technological center was born in November 2014 as a team of only 3 people. The enthusiasm and effort of our young, dynamic and multidisciplinary team has led us to be currently 70 people working cohesively with the mission of contributing to the sustainable development of rural societies to improve their competitiveness and quality of life.

The main impulse to fulfill this mission is both the execution of RTDI projects in the field of agri-food systems and environment and the transfer to the private sector of innovative and competitive technology that incorporates sustainability criteria. Another key aspect of our success has always been the international vision and projection, which has led us to participate in numerous networks and projects, weaving collaborations with relevant Catalan, Spanish, European and international entities.

From the BETA Center we are always open to meet and receive new profiles of dynamic, restless and eager to be part of our project and to help them grow professionally. That is why we encourage you to consult the positions that we have open, and in the case that you see that you do not fit, we will be happy to receive and evaluate your CV (

Active offers:

  • PhD position in the field of soil and nutrient management and applied ecology

The selected candidate will participate in several projects in the area of soil and nutrient management and applied ecology, specifically with a relevant role in the Horizon Europe project NUTRIBUDGET, where s/he will be able to complete her/his doctoral thesis on the application of mitigation measures to optimise the flows of nutrients from three agricultural pillars (livestock, crops and agro-processes). Mitigation measures include the use of (i) catch crops (e.g. perennial cereal varieties), (ii) novel fertiliser products (incl. additives and tailor-made fertilisation) and (iii) floating plants (e.g. duckweeds or algae) as green manure or alternative protein source for animal feed (or nutrition). It is important to note that the doctoral thesis will be carried out in collaboration with the University of Ghent, where the candidate will do a research stay of 6 months during the thesis period and finally obtain a double doctorate University of Ghent / University of Vic-University Central of Catalonia.

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Until 06/02/2023

  • Junior researcher in the field of environmental technologies and technology transfer to the industrial sector

The selected candidate will join the environmental technologies and circular bioeconomy research line and will work on the technical implementation of several national and international projects from the center’s environmental technologies line. Mainly, the person selected is expected to be involved in technology and knowledge transfer projects with the private sector, working actively with Catalan companies and, mainly from the agri-food sector. The projects will be focused on the evaluation of various environmental technologies (anaerobic digestion, membrane processes, biological processes, etc.) for the production of value-added products from waste from the agri-food sector and other industries.

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Until 13/02/2023

  • Technical project manager in the field of governance

The candidate will work in the area of “Governance for Sustainability” and will be involved in the execution and coordination of several European projects in this area, mainly in the project NUTRI-KNOW (Horizon Europe) and in capitalization projects funded by the Catalan Government. The candidate will also participate in the preparation of new proposals to attract new funding.

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Until 15/02/2023