Gases monitoring for air quality and animal welfare evaluation

The measurement of gases is made using two methodologies:

  • Monitoring of ambient air concentrations in order to generate isoconcentration maps.
  • Emission rate measurement directly onto the slurry through a flow chamber.

The main gases and compounds analyzed are:

  • Greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4 and N2O)
  • Odorous and toxic compounds (NH3, H2S and volatile organic compounds)
  • Suspended particles

Emission rate measurement

A flux chamber is used for the gas emission rates measurement placing it directly on the pig slurry stored under the concrete slatted floor of the monitored sites. The outlet contaminated air circulates towards a monitoring box in order to obtain the results.

Monitoring of gases concentration in the air

The monitoring of gases concentration in the ambient air consist of distributing several analysis points at a certain high in order to elaborate isoconcentration maps taking into account the concentration of each pollution compound and the air velocity caused by the ventilation.