Advanced biofungicide production through innovative technologies

BIOFUNTECH workplan execution
  • Grant agreement ID: ACE003/20/000070

  • Total project budget: 135.240€

  • Start Date: 01/09/2021

    End Date: 31/08/2023

In recent years, society has increased its awareness on sustainable and healthier food production and consumption. Additionally, EU Green Deal aims to reduce the use of hazardous pesticides, reduce food waste, increase organic food production, increase fair farmers’ income and support transition of rural regions to bioeconomy.

Considering this framework, the development of sustainable biological pesticides is of great interest and can have significant impacts by replacing chemical fungicides as they present important constraints such as chemical residues, fungus resistance and environmental pollution.

BIOFUNTECH, aims to develop a novel technological approach based on combination of biocontrol agents produced by solid state fermentation with natural product coatings, allowing to solve preharvest and postharvest fruit losses caused by fungal pathogens without physicochemical quality affectation. BIOFUNTECH will pay specific attention on knowledge transference and ensuring the impact on the agrifood sector and related suppliers.

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