Demonstration day of the fertilizer products obtained in the FERTIMANURE project

This activity is part of a series of meetings that have been held during the last months with stakeholders interested in the results of the project

To present the first results obtained from the field application of biofertilizer products generated by the pilot biorefinery that has been installed in the Cal Ros de Muntanyola Farm, this Thursday took place in Vic a demonstration day of the agronomic trials carried out in the framework of FERTIMANURE, a H2020 project coordinated from the BETA Technological Center of the UVic-UCC to work on new ways of valorization of livestock manure. The activity has taken place in the experimental fields of CT BETA, located in the industrial park El Bruguer and provided by the City Council of Vic.

Thanks to several combined technologies and after a chain process, the FERTIMANURE pilot plant in Muntanyola allows to valorize the pig manure of this farm to obtain up to five different biofertilizer products. The liquid fraction yields ammonium sulfate, a nutrient concentrate and a biostimulant, and the solid excrement yields an organic amendment rich in nutrients and phosphoric acid. The process also generates clean water that can be reused on the farm and energy in the form of biomass that can be used in a conventional boiler.

This demonstration activity of the agronomic trials is linked to a series of meetings that have been held over the last few months with stakeholders interested in the outcome of the project. The meetings have brought together farmers, ranchers, the administration and other possible recipients of the results obtained with the aim of directly contrasting the evolution of the results and objectives of the project with the sector.