Analytical and Technological Services

Physicochemical analyses in water, soil, and residue-based matrices
Microbiological analyses
Instrumental analyses: Elemental analysis, TOC/TN, Ion and gas chromatography, Atomic absorption
Bioprocesses monitoring: Anaerobic digestion, composting, aerobic processes, nutrients recovery, among others
Pilot plants for environmental technologies: Biodrying, anaerobic digestion, freeze concentration, electrodialysis, among others

Our facilities have laboratories of about 800 m2 that include a wide variety of equipment and specialised instrumentation focused on research in all our areas of expertise. Our technological capabilities can be useful to different companies, educational or research centres, but also to public administrations and other entities related to environmental issues. The interdisciplinary nature of our technical and scientific team allows the Centre to adapt to a wide range of analytical needs.

Our analytical offer
We provide different analytical services for the monitoring of samples of diverse nature.

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Further details and contact
For further information and requests on analytical services, please contact us via email at