Analytical and Scientific Services

  • Pilot plant laboratory for environmental technologies
  • Laboratory of bioprocesses
  • Physicochemical analysis laboratory
  • Instrumental laboratory:
    • Atomic absorption
    • Gas chromatography
    • Ion chromatography
    • Elemental analyzer
    • TOC analyzer
  • Microbiology laboratories
  • Applied ecology equipment: micro and mesocosms

Technological services

Our technological capabilities can be useful to a wide variety of companies with different needs, but also for public administrations and other entities dealing with environmental issues. The interdisciplinarity of the scientific and technical team enables the center to have a flexible offer that can be adapted to the real needs of its potential customers.

An interdisciplinary approach

The main core of the offer are directly related with technologies for the treatment and recovery of waste. In this field, the BETA TC can work both in widely known processes and already implemented industrially, as well as in more innovative processes. In a complementary way, CT BETA has also extensive knowledge in the field of sustainability and the efficient use of resources.

Another field of the technological offer is directly related with the agricultural sector, especially with soil management and fertilization, facilitating an efficient and responsible application of organic and inorganic fertilizers that ensures the maximum productivity and at the same time guarantee the protection and good health of the environment.