Freeze concentration for waste treatment

Freeze Concentration is a technology with a great potential of use in the management of liquid waste
  • Grant agreement ID: TECSPR18-1-0091

  • Total project budget: 132,351.89€

  • Start Date: 01/09/2019

    End Date: 01/09/2021

ADFREE project is to develop a novel technology by combining different processes for energy, water and nutrient recovery from livestock manure. In summary, the new process will combine anaerobic digestion (AD) for energy recovery and freeze concentration (FC) for nutrient valorization and water recovery. ADFREE project aims:

i) to identify the operating parameters playing a more important role in the FC process

ii) to evaluate the application of the new technology in intensive farming zones,

iii) to demonstrate the performance of AD+FC process at pilot scale.


The implementation of this project is expected to have a huge positive impact on increasing the sustainability (environmental and economic) of livestock sector, one of the most important economic sectors in Europe. The nutrient concentration step, on one hand will facilitate the exportation of the recovered nutrients to needed agricultural areas, and on the other hand will prevent the release of excess nutrients in overloaded agricultural lands. ADFREE project also considers that a successful dissemination of the project results will contribute to the cross-border awareness of the benefits that the FC process can provide, thus contributing to increase the consciousness of the clear improvements that can be implemented in the separation field to reduce the environmental impact of the current used technologies and to improve the economics of the sector.