New agreement with ACATCOR for research in the irrigation field

The agreement will serve to promote educational, scientific and technological relations.

The UVic-UCC and the Catalan Association of Irrigation Communities (ACATCOR) have signed an agreement with the aim that both entities can collaborate in research, innovation, training and knowledge transfer in irrigation through the BETA Technology Center. In this center, researchers work with environmental technologies and circular bioeconomy, applied ecology and global change, soil and nutrient management, accounting and optimization of sustainability, and governance for sustainability.

The document, signed this week by the president of ACATCOR, Amadeu Ros, and the rector of UVic-UCC, Josep Eladi Baños, will serve to promote educational, scientific and technological relations between UVic-UCC and ACATCOR in the field of irrigation. The document has an initial validity of two years and will be extendable up to four years.

A future opportunity for irrigation

Thanks to this collaboration agreement, the members of both entities will be able to jointly develop research, innovation and technological development activities, and will also be able to carry out training, transfer and dissemination activities aimed at the irrigation communities members of ACATCOR, in order to achieve a greater impact of the results of the research carried out by UVic-UCC.

The manager of ACATCOR, Ramon Lletjós, has been very satisfied with this agreement that will allow the development of collaborative initiatives in research and innovation projects, as well as knowledge and technology transfer in the field of irrigation, since, in his opinion “this is the future of irrigation and agriculture: sharing knowledge and collaborating together to achieve a sector that is committed to promote innovation and knowledge transfer, to achieve a higher degree of efficiency,” he said.

An agreement to foster the relationship between researchers and irrigation communities

Through this agreement, the Association and the University also advocate fostering the relationship and technical collaboration between researchers, professors and students of the UVic-UCC with members and stakeholders of ACATCOR. In particular, this relationship will serve to promote projects and final works of degree, master and doctoral theses dealing with irrigation.

The agreement will also promote the reciprocal exchange of information on research topics, publications, updated data and policies of the sector and other materials of interest to both institutions, as well as the discussion and exchange of experiences on all those aspects that may be of interest to UVic-UCC and ACATCOR.