Delivering Soil improvers through improved recycling and processing solutions for food industry residues streams

Circular bioeconomy scheme proposed in DeliSoil project.
  • Grant agreement ID: 101112855

  • Total project budget: 7,000,000.0€

  • Start Date: 01/06/2023

    End Date: 31/05/2027

  • Project website:

DeliSoil adopts a multi-actor, transdisciplinary approach to co-design processes that minimize food processing waste and valorize its by-products. A circular bioeconomy approach is applied along with the waste hierarchy, creating sustainable soil improvers in support of soil health in Europe.

The project counts with 5 regional Living Labs, with actors along the entire food value chain in which innovative technologies to convert residues from food processing and production industries into tailored soil improvers are tested. Research partners and companies will evaluate the soil improvers in state-of-the-art laboratories, and landowners will test the project’s solutions.

The tailored soil improvers will be tested for stability, biosafety, and molecular parameters, and their impacts on soil health, agronomical performance, and environmental risks will be evaluated. Environmental footprints will also be measured for selected products. Identifying technological, legislative, financial, and social barriers and enablers for the conversion of food processing residue streams into organic soil improvers and fertilizing products, is of prime importance. Besides, these results will serve to analyze fairness throughout the Living Lab value chains.

DeliSoil is coordinated by LUKE (Finland) and counts with 14 European partners of 10 countries.

Our role in the project:

BETA TC is the WP 1 leader, coordinating the efforts to promote the proposed technologies to convert food industry waste into soil improvers. BETA TC is also the Living Lab E leader (Spanish case) and the corresponding Lighthouse demonstrating technologies at full scale (Anaerobic digestion and Composting) and innovative systems (Solid-state Fermentation and Pyrolysis) to valorize food industry waste into soil improvers. Furthermore, BETA TC participates in WP2 in the assessment of soil health by using the produced soil improvers and supports other WP with associated information.