FERTIMANURE project will replicate the 5 experimental pilots in different contexts
  • Grant agreement ID: 862849

  • Total project budget: 8,419,670.75€

  • Start Date: 01/01/2020

    End Date: 31/12/2023

  • Project website:

Project Summary:

More than 90 % of the manure produced by livestock farms in the EU is used for land fertilisation. However, this process is inefficient. The H2020 FERTIMANURE project intends to develop, test and estimate advanced nutrient management strategies to produce competitive fertilisers that contribute to good yield. The main goal of the project is to recycle valuable nutrients from livestock manure and produce bio-based fertilisers. FERTIMANURE will be deployed in five of the EU’s biggest livestock production countries, namely Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. Outcomes should help promote this circular economy model for the EU agriculture sector.

FERTIMANURE project is coordinated by BETA Technological Center and counts with a total of 20 partners from 7 EU countries, Argentina and Chile.


Our role in the project:

In the framework of FERTIMANURE, BETA Tech Center will be the main responsible for the Spanish on-fam pilot aiming to valorise pig slurry in one farm of La Cooperativa Plana de Vic. Moreover, BETA will evaluate agronomic and environmental performance of the produced fertilising products under controlled conditions and in field trials in close cooperation with the Catalan Department of Agriculture (DARP). Additionally, BETA is the leader of the Sustainability Assessment in which environmental, techno-economic and social assessment will be carried out, also will be the responsible to develop a Decision Support System aiming to enhance the acceptance and facilitate the decision-making process to farmers.