CT BETA wins two Tecniospring INDUSTRY grants

This funding will enable it to strengthen its research team and open up new opportunities.

The BETA Technology Centre at UVic-UCC has obtained funding for two new research projects thanks to the Tecniospring INDUSTRY programme of ACCIÓ, which allows it to strengthen its team of researchers and open up new opportunities in some of its areas of work. This programme offers resources to TECNIO centres and companies for the recruitment of research personnel, giving them the possibility of directing their own research project for two years.

The first project is BIOFUNTECH, which will work on the advanced production of biofungicides using innovative technologies. BIOFUNTECH aims to develop a new technological approach, based on solid-state fermentation, which will make possible to obtain new products to tackle pre-harvest and post-harvest fruit losses caused by fungal pathogens. Solid-state fermentation is one of the technologies that CT BETA implements in various organic waste recovery projects to obtain products of high added value.

The second project is the SMART EWSCDS, a project based on the modelling of water resources to develop automatic regulation systems in flood-sensitive basins. The aim is to end up providing an overflow monitoring system based on advanced tracking technologies and new tools to help water resource managers make decisions.

These are not the first Tecniospring grants of which CT BETA is a beneficiary. In previous editions of the Tecniospring programme, several researchers who are currently part of the centre have been able to return to Catalonia or consolidate in their field of research thanks to this type of funding.