Production of microalgae as a source of material for anaerobic biodigestion and valorisation of the digestate thus produced

ALGA-GESTIÓN proposes using algae in anaerobic co-digestion to improve sustainability and produce biomass and biostimulants.
  • Total project budget: 203,829.01€

  • Start Date: 01/10/2023

    End Date: 30/09/2026

In Europe, growing awareness of the need for circularity is promoting the reuse of materials and by-products from the food industry. Anaerobic co-digestion (AcoD) is a technology that converts waste into resources, such as biogas, contributing to a circular bioeconomy. However, there are challenges in continuous biogas production due to the lack of carbon-rich materials and the management of large quantities of digestate, by-products of digestion.

The ALGA-GESTION project proposes to integrate algae production into the anaerobic fermentation process. Algae, which generate biomass intensively, can replace other less efficient products and use the liquid fraction of the digestate to concentrate nutrients. In addition, the algal biomass can be used to produce biostimulants, adapting to the needs of the AcoD plant, which improves the sustainability of the process.

The BETA Centre, with expertise in biological and physicochemical processes, will collaborate in the optimisation and improvement of these processes, with a special focus on anaerobic digestion.

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