Systemic management techniques and automatic regulation in sensitive river basins

SMART EWSCDS will be dedicated to the construction of the industrial-oriented solutions, which is composed of low-cost smart monitoring system, automatic sludge removal and water purfication and intelligent scientific modeling softwares
  • Grant agreement ID: ACE003_20_000104

  • Total project budget: 137.160,00

  • Start Date: 01/11/2021

    End Date: 30/10/2023

This project focuses on the monitoring and management of water bodies in flood-sensitive hydrographic basins, to address some of the challenges of adapting to climate change: improving the quality of life of their inhabitants, creating green areas, protecting resources and preventing risks, etc. The project aims to provide an IoT-based monitoring system for combined water and river overflows with an optimal localisation algorithm, energy conservation technology and a new synthetic decision support system (DSS), integrating dual analytical modelling systems (physical and data-driven process models) with continuous optimisation and evaluation of the system.

Expected results:

1) Proposition of an optimal and feasible solution for drainage obstructions.

2) Development of software for the remote monitoring and control of the processes (position optimisation, sensor power control and self-planning display route).

3) Knowledge transformation: integration of the flood warning and management product in conjunction with key technologies


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