Pairing Program between Scientists and Local Administration

Each participant will receive a tailor-made and completely free program that will be based on direct contact between public administrations and researchers

SIMIL is a program that wants to connect scientists and representatives of the local administration, so that they can work together to improve the management of municipal organic waste. SIMIL wants to put local political leaders in contact with scientists with experience in this field, in order to facilitate access to knowledge that helps them improve decision-making about their own waste collection and treatment model.

Initially, it plans to bring together 24 people from the local world, both technicians and politicians, with scientific research staff, so that they work together on a tailor-made and free program of activities based on the conversations that take place during the meetings. The program will motivate face-to-face meetings to encourage dialogue, visits to the localities where the challenges are raised and visits to spaces where innovative solutions have already been applied.

This new initiative is part of the Science Meets Regions program of the Joint Research Center (JRC) which aims to promote scientific advice when making policies at the local or regional level, and which allow politics and science to come closer. It is one of the 9 initiatives chosen at European level by the JRC, which will be carried out during 2023 and which will serve to facilitate access to the most relevant scientific evidence for policy makers and, at the same time, provide the participating scientists a direct view of the policy development process.