New governance models to enhance nutrient pollution handling and nutrients recycling

The results of the demo cases will offer findings and insights into how policies can be scaled up and rolled out across Europe to meaningfully address the growing threats posed by nutrient pollution
  • Grant agreement ID: 101082169

  • Total project budget: 6.172.653,63€

  • Start Date: 01/11/2023

    End Date: 30/04/2027

In a context of ecosystems pressured by nutrient pollution and record-high fertiliser prices, the recovery of nitrogen and phosphorous from waste streams provides a solution to tackle both issues, allowing the supply of new fertilisers (and other products for the food value chain) at a competitive price while enabling cleaner soil, air and water systems. However, to effectively do so, an intensive political, regulatory and governance effort is required to bring all key stakeholders on board.

NENUPHAR project, funded under the umbrella of the Horizon Europe Program, was conceived to solve this need by developing new governance and value chain solutions addressing three waste streams widely present and the EU: manure, sewage sludges and dairy wastewaters, addressing four main innovations:

  • A methodology for estimating N/P emissions from the application of a fertiliser on soil
  • New governance models based on a network governance approach
  • Innovative economic and financial incentives for public and private entities
  • Enabling technologies to treat manure, sludges and dairy wastewaters to recover the nutrient loads.

NENUPHAR approach will be demonstrated in three different regional clusters from geographically diverse river basins: the Ebro river basin (Spain), the Lielupe river basin (Latvia – Lithuania), and the Danube river basin (Hungary – Slovakia branch) and they will be replicated in two insular systems: Cyprus and Bornholm (Denmark).

The implementation of such an ambitious project requires of a consortium of 18 partners and 3 affiliated entities, that will work together in an interdisciplinary manner.

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