Enhancing the sustainable production of renewable energy on farms

HarvRESt will consolidate and enhance existing knowledge, creating an Agricultural Virtual Power Plant capable of running diverse scenarios and farm configurations
  • Grant agreement ID: 101136904

  • Total project budget: € 4.998.685,00

  • Start Date: 01/01/2024

    End Date: 31/12/2024

  • Project website:

As the demand for both energy and food continue to rise, a competitive conflict for land use has emerged. There is therefore a need for a solution to harmonize these competing interests. The HarvRESt project recognises the challenges faced by agricultural communities and seeks to identify, understand, and overcome the existing barriers to the widespread adoption of this innovative approach.

Current initiatives often overlook the complex interactions and factors within the agricultural and renewable energy context, resulting in ineffective decision support based on accurate predictions, estimates and forecasts.

HarvRESt will therefore bridge this gap by consolidating and extending existing knowledge to create an agricultural virtual power plant capable of running different scenarios and farm configurations. This tool will determine the best operational procedures for a given RES solution and provide valuable data to a decision support system.

This system will weigh trade-offs and key indicators and provide tailored recommendations to farmers and policy makers.


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