The Euro-Mediterranean project TRANSITION will study mixed agriculture models

This PRIMA project is led by BETA TC

The BETA Technology Center of UVic-UCC will lead the European project TRANSITION, which had the virtual launch meeting on Wednesday. The aim of this Euro-Mediterranean cooperation project is to identify and highlight certain practices that are expected to guide the transition to more resilient agriculture in the Mediterranean region. TRANSITION will focus, above all, on agroforestry systems that operate under mixed agriculture models; that is agricultural systems that integrate some type of woody vegetation, systems of cultures and cattle activity.

The project, which will last three years and has an overall budget of approximately 1.5 million euros, aims to integrate the modeling of landscape dynamics with other participatory forms of field work. It also wants to establish the environmental and socio-economic barriers to the implementation of these patterns of operation in agricultural landscapes, or for the recovery of traditional landscape structures that had fallen into disuse.

In the long run, the TRANSITION project will provide solid and useful information for administrations in order to consider and evaluate the consequences that derive from the fulfillment of the objectives of sustainable development in the Mediterranean.

CT BETA researchers who will be directly involved in this project will be Evan Marks (coordinator of the Soil and Nutrient Management area) and researcher Laura Roquer. The project consortium also has the Forest Technology Center of Catalonia. The other partners are from France, Greece, Italy, Algeria and Egypt, and include a very diverse profile ranging from universities and research centers to forestry associations.


Project funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.

AEI / 10.13039/501100011033).