Sustainability assessments

  • Life Cycle Assessment of products (LCA) 
  • Social Life Cycle Assessment 
  • Life Cycle Costing 
  • Material Flow Analysis and Circularity Assessment 

BETA Tech Centre have proven experience in developing sustainability assessments (LCA, S-LCA, LCC) of products, services and technologies at both research level (leading sustainability works in research projects such as H2020 projects) but also as consultancy service for companies and administrations. Furthermore, we offer circular economy consulting services oriented to maximize the efficiency in the use and exploitation of materials and resources, as well as to minimize and valorise the waste generated, obtaining economic, social and environmentally sustainable products and services (Eco-innovation & Eco-design).  

We work with the main LCA software (OpenLCASimaPro, GaBi) and databases to adapt as much as possible to our clients needs.