Life environmental data & ecolabeling for sustainable food choice

The project aims to develop and test methodologies for food life cycle inventories, environmental scores, and labeling schemes, supporting sustainable food systems and EU environmental goals.

The project aims to develop and test new methodologies for food life cycle inventories and environmental scores, along with a labeling scheme, by sharing experiences at the EU level. Led by nine organizations from France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain, the project will support the creation of national and regional databases and labeling schemes for food environmental impacts. Key tasks include developing a harmonized methodology for life cycle inventory in Europe, creating new datasets for 30 products in Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain, and devising a method to aggregate life cycle assessment scores into an environmental score (E-score) and classification scheme.

The project will also design and test a label format and visual in real-life conditions with consumers and farmers through pilots in laboratories, supermarkets, and canteens across the participating countries, reaching 56,300 European consumers. This initiative aligns with the priorities of the LIFE 2022 Environmental Governance Call, aiming to raise awareness about food system sustainability and consumer information, contributing to the EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy, Zero Pollution Action Plan, and Green Deal objectives.