Improving the competitiveness of the traditional cross-border dairy sector

The sustainability along the procuction process of some dairy products has been deeply anaysed according to the new and future european frameworks
  • Grant agreement ID: EFA005/15

  • Total project budget: 1,785.684,00 € 

  • Start Date: 01/06/2016

    End Date: 31/05/2019

  • Project website:

Project Summary:

INNOTRANSLACT is a European project co-financed by the Interreg POCTEFA Program through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). This 3-year project, aims to stimulate and promote innovation and competitiveness in the traditional cross-border dairy sector. Through the collaboration of agents from the border area of ​​Spain and France, it is intended to train and educate the people who make up the dairy sector and jointly develop sustainable products and innovative marketable solutions adapted to the needs and capacities of the sector.


Our role in the project:

The BETA TC was responsible of the sustainability work package in the INNOTRANSLACT project. Thus, in a fist stage, the BETA TC sustainability team determined the current environmental performance of the artisan dairy products produced in the border area of ​​Spain and France. Then, a specific tool (Innotanslact Tool) was developed within the framework of the EU Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) methods. Innotanslact Tool allow artisan dairy producers to continuously determine the PEF performance of their products by their own; and therefore, start to implement suitable and circular economy practices in their production system. Finally, the BETA TC executed energy audits to several artisan dairy facilities so identify energy consumption hot-spots and then propose improvements towards more energy efficient artisan dairy production systems.