UVic-UCC is member of a new UNESCO UNITWIN network through CT BETA

The network is led by the University of Genoa

UVic-UCC will be member of a new UNITWIN network, called “Innovative, Sustainable and Clean Energy Research and Education”. The aim of this network is to focus on meeting Sustainable Development Goal 7 of the United Nations 2030 Agenda: to ensure society’s affordable and sustainable access to energy. This network hopes to contribute to the achievement of this goal through the promotion of education in areas such as access to energy, renewable energies and energy efficiency. The CT BETA will initially act as a representative of the University in the meetings and activities of the new network, although the intention is to open it to other centers and research groups of the UVic-UCC that may have clear synergies with the their goals.

UNITWIN is part of the same program that promotes the creation of UNESCO chairs in universities around the world. This program brings together more than 850 institutions in 120 countries, fosters cooperation and interuniversity links worldwide to foster knowledge exchange and collaboration. It focuses on aspects related to education, natural and social sciences, culture and communication. Today there are more than 700 operational UNESCO chairs, and 45 UNITWIN networks.

The new UNITWIN network, whose first meeting took place virtually this week, is led by the University of Genoa, and has 12 more partners that make up a first global consortium, with universities in Germany , Spain, United States, Canada, Ghana, Tunisia, Brazil, Jordan or Kenya. In the long run, however, the University of Genoa is expected to incorporate more new members.