BETA TC will assess the carbon footprint of the implementation of European projects

El projecte desenvoluparà un programari fàcil d’utilitzar

Given the growing need to assess the impact of publicly funded projects, not only in terms of scientific results but also from the perspective of sustainability and the environmental footprint of their implementation, the Interreg MED programme is funding the ZeroCO2MED project, coordinated by the BETA Technology Centre of the UVic-UCC.

The aim of this project is to facilitate the development of a methodology for accounting, mitigation and compensation of the carbon footprint that covers who, how, when and what to measure when assessing the carbon footprint derived from the implementation of an international research project.

The ZeroCO2MED project will develop user-friendly software with tools to facilitate decision making for the implementation of carbon footprint mitigation strategies and high quality options for offsetting the remaining emissions. This project has a budget of half a million euros and is scheduled to end on 30 June 2022.

ZeroCO2MED consists of a highly qualified and multidisciplinary consortium covering all the fields of expertise required to carry it out, including the WWF Mediterranean delegation, the Institute for Health and Environment of Slovenia and CENER21 of Bosnia and Herzegovina.