Innovative resilient farming systems in Mediterranean environments

The project focuses on two agricultural systems: Agroforestry and mixed farming systems
  • Grant agreement ID: PCI2021-121959

  • Start Date: 01/06/2021

    End Date: 31/05/2024

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The goal of TRANSITION is to pave the way towards a resilient agriculture in the Mediterranean Region, maximizing positive impacts on the environment while increasing resilience of agroecosystems and rural societies. This is done by analysing the most relevant innovative solutions in resilient agroforestry and mixed farming systems using a participatory approach.

TRANSITION will identify appropriate strategies to:

  • Improve resilience of the agriculture sector.
  • Establish what are the environmental and socio-economic barriers to resilient agriculture implementation.
  • Quantify the delivery of ecosystem services and empower the expansion of agroforestry and mixed farming systems through practical innovation and knowledge exchange.
  • Provide robust information, useful for administrations in terms of measurable impacts and possible transition scenarios.


The power of TRANSITION is to begin with a large base of existing systems and improve understanding and increase the resilience of those with innovative strategies, with interventions at the farm (“bottom-up”) and policy levels (“top-down”).

The project focuses on two agricultural systems: Agroforestry and mixed farming systems, across a range of cultural and pedo-climatic conditions in 5 Mediterranean regions in Spain, Italy, Algeria, Egypt, and France. The study regions are Catalonia (Spain), Sétif (Algeria), Sicily (Italy), the Behia and Kafr Elsheihk Governates of Egypt, and Southwest France, for a total of three regions in the North Mediterranean and two in the South

Using the participatory approach, TRANSITION identifies and exploits the local strategies and biological resources which are most promising for guaranteeing incomes and farm resilience. In each region, the multi-actor approach is integrated into project design by the involvement of stakeholders and practitioners.


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The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) supports the development and implementation of this project within the 2030 GreenerMed Agenda. UfM provides regular policy and technical advice and facilitates the integration, coordination and upscaling of the main project activities and outcomes within the relevant UfM Policy Frameworks and beyond, maximising the dissemination of results among UfM countries and stakeholders at Euro-Mediterranean level.

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