The GreenGrowth Community coorganized an #EUCircularTalk

This #EUCircularTalk encouraged the debate on the transition from the agri-food sector to the bioeconomy

The MED Green Growth community, led by the BETA Technology Center, participated this Tuesday in organizing one of the #EUCircularTalks on governance and systemic change in the transition from the agri-food sector to the bioeconomy. This #EUCircularTalks is the first in a series of four events promoted by the Circular Economy Stakeholder Plattform, a joint initiative of the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee that for a few months has had a representative of the CT BETA, Mercè Boy Roura, as coordinator of the MED Green Growth community.

The main objective of the event was the discussion about how to facilitate the transition from the linear economy that has predominated in Europe to one that responds to a fairer and more efficient circular model, with an emphasis on the food sector. The event was led by the Polish organization Innowo, and in addition to the MED Green Growth community, it also had the support of Alchemia Nova and the prestigious Ellen McArthur Foundation.

One of the most notable interventions was that of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Generalitat de Catalunya, which presented the main lines of the new law for the prevention of food loss and waste in Catalonia. Combating food waste from the perspective of the circular bioeconomy is one of the elements that the European Union considers crucial.