Caretta a la Vista!

Citizen Science tools to detect and recognize a possible trail or nest of sea turtle "Caretta caretta"

The "Caretta a la Vista!" has made available to the public a large amount of teaching materials
  • ID del convenio de subvención: FCT-17-12045 & FCT-16-11577

  • Presupuesto total del proyecto: 24.000€ (Phase 1 + Phase 2)

  • Fecha fin: 01/01/2017

    Fecha inicio: 31/12/2018

  • Web del proyecto:

The Caretta caretta sea turtle  is in the list of endangered species, listed worldwide as Vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN, 2015), and which in the Mediterranean usually lays its eggs on the eastern coasts (Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, etc.). However, in recent years, spawning or attempted spawning has been detected in the western Mediterranean, especially on the Andalusian, Valencian, Balearic and Catalan coasts.

The Caretta a la Vista project! aims to be a project to disseminate the species in which citizens have all the tools to detect and recognize a possible trace or nest of sea turtle on our beaches, and to act appropriately in the face of a possible sighting of loggerhead turtles.


How do we do it?

  • Workshops and informative talks
  • Traveling exhibition
  • Teaching materials
  • Posters on beaches
  • Informative videos