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Maria Calderó Pascual

Project Manager

Dr. Maria Calderó Pascual has a degree in Biotechnology (2015), a Master in Water Science and Technology (2016), and a PhD in Limnology (2023). During her academic career she has joined different national and international research groups leaders in the study of the ecological status of aquatic systems and wastewater treatment. At BETA Technological Centre, she is currently project coordinator at Governance for Sustainability Unit. Within the ‘knowledge circularity and capitalisation’ group, she is responsible for the coordination and implementation of projects in the framework of Interreg, Horizon, and PRIMA Programmes, focusing on the Euro-Mediterranean regions. Maria works to facilitate knowledge sharing and coordination among stakeholders, raising awareness, and maximise the impact of innovative solutions under the circular bioeconomy field, integrating knowledge at different technical and policy levels, aligning political priorities, and achieving synergistic collaborations to speed-up the implementation at local ground.