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Irene Alvarez

Irene Alvarez de Quevedo


Dr. Irene Alvarez de Quevedo, PhD in Biodiversity. Her research focuses on Biodiversity Conservation and Management. Specifically, she works on the study and management of the interaction between fisheries and large marine vertebrates in the Mediterranean Sea.

Throughout her professional career, she has worked in different areas always related to Biodiversity Conservation and Marine Ecosystems. In this sense, she has carried out studies of populations and habitats of sea turtles and cetaceans, behavioural analyses, trophic ecology, etc., but above all she has specialized in bycatch studies, having worked with fishermen from the professional fleet off the Spanish Mediterranean coast, Balearic Islands, and Lampedusa Island (Southern Italy). Within the fishing sector, she has worked together with fishermen to promote more sustainable fishing, reduce anthropogenic impacts, improve the management of fish resources, optimize their commercialization and work to reduce the waste generated by fisheries. Finally, she has participated in projects to bring science and research closer to young people, environmental education and sustainability in schools; she has carried out courses and training about marine biology, at national and international level, and she has worked to promote Volunteerism and Citizen Science.