PIGPEF: Professional software for the calculation of carbon and environmental footprint in the pork sector

The environmental sustainability of products is already an added value to the market: companies in the pork sector are investing resources to be more sustainable and more and more consumers are taking this into account when deciding what to buy.

Therefore, there is a growing need for honest, transparent and responsible communication towards sustainability. The environmental footprint of a pork product has to do with its value chain: feed composition, farm typology, transformation and transport processes, waste and slurry management, etc.

In this sense, BETA TC has developed the PIGPEF, a new tool to calculate the footprint of the complete chain: it is intuitive, easy to use and complies with EU quality standards. It allows to incorporate sustainability criteria in business decisions, facilitating the calculation and verification (ISO14064 or 14067) of the footprint to non-professionals and providing tools to better communicate it.

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