Turning organic urban waste streams into value-added products (CIRCULAR WEEK 2022)

  • Dia: 6th of June

  • Hora: 10:00 CET

  • Lloc: Virtual

CIRCULAR BIOCARBON presents a first-of-a-kind flagship biorefinery designed to valorise the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW) and Sewage Sludge (SS) into high- added-value products for industries and end-consumers. The project will set the basis for the demonstration, at a commercial level, of the feasibility of a biorefinery from which organic municipal waste will be exploited and valorised to obtain high-quality products and the demonstration of a new waste treatment model for cities.

This webinar will present the CIRCULAR BIOCARBON approach and introduce the new biorefinery model, explaining the benefits for joint waste and wastewater management moving from waste to resources and the recovery of materials.The session will demonstrate the fact that it is now possible to valorise both OFMSW and SS all at once to produce bio-based materials and products, going beyond compost or energy production. Attendees will be able to understand how to implement the model in their cities.


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Circular Biocarbon