DestiMED PLUS Project – Final Event

  • Dia: 21st of June

  • Hora: 9:00

  • Lloc: Roma (Hybrid)

On the morning of 21 June in Rome (hybrid), BEST MED and DestiMED PLUS will organise a joint Policy Conference where high-level stakeholders will be invited to discuss some of the key results of the projects, as the MEC Policy Roadmap, which pinpoints the main policy areas to focus on for the integration of tourism and conservation policies at Mediterranean level and the activities carried out to consolidate the MED Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories (MED NSTO), while referring to their mainstreaming into policy.

This conference will be followed in the afternoon by the final event of the DestiMED PLUS project where the partners will share the final results of the project, as the DestiMED and MEET approach, the monitoring and training platform, and put their capitalisation into perspective.

Find the Agenda here and register here.

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