Circular Bioeconomy Day 2023

  • Dia: 24th of October

  • Hora: 9:00 CET

  • Lloc: Warzaw, Poland & On Line

Circular Bioeconomy Day serves as a platform for sharing knowledge about bio-based solutions in the spirit of interdisciplinary cooperation to create a world where nature is respected and rejuvenated, and where economic prosperity is achieved without compromising the well-being of our planet.

The event, which is a part of Circular Week 2023, brings together a diverse group of stakeholders including policymakers from the EU, regional government representatives, local administration, businesses, NGOs, academia visionaries, thought leaders and experts to celebrate and explore the remarkable potential of the circular bioeconomy and the pivotal role of its strategies in driving the transition towards a circular economy.

Lidia Paredes, from the BETA Technological Centre will present the results about recovery of bioenergy from industrial meat wastes of the AccelWater project in the session 3: Industrial symbiosis – biowaste and biomass as a source of energy, textiles, construction material, packaging.

More information and regitration here.

Circular bioeconomy day