5th European Sustainable Phosphorous Conference

  • Dia: 8-10 of October

  • Hora: 10:00 CET

  • Lloc: Lleida (La Llotja)

The European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform, together with the BETA technological Center, are organising the ESPC5 that will be in October 2024. The conference aims to bring together experts, researchers, policymakers, and companies to discuss and advance the sustainable management of phosphorus. Taking place in Lleida, Spain, this conference will delve into the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the Mediterranean context.

The venue will be located in Catalonia, a region where the agro-food sector is highly relevant and that is facing environmental challenges related to an unsustainable nutrient management that have caused the accumulation of phosphorus in the soil and nitrate in the groundwater. In accordance with the European Directive on nitrates, currently, 33.8% of the total area of Catalonia is declared vulnerable to pollution by nitrates of agricultural origin and affects 45% of all Catalan municipalities (ACA, 2020). In Catalonia there are approximately 7.9 million pigs, 637,000 head of cattle, and 44.6 million poultry (DARP, 2020), generating around 9.4 million tons of slurry and 2.8 million tons of manure and hens yearly.

Taking phosphorus as a cornerstone, the conference will indirectly touch upon the interrelated aspects of other nutrients and areas. The aim is to emphasize the holistic approach required for sustainable nutrient management and the need for synergistic efforts.

More information about the programme will be out soon!