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Arezoo Dadrasnia

Tecniospring fellow

Dr. Arezoo Dadrasnia is an Environmental Scientist. She received Ph.D. in Environmental Biotechnology in 2014. Her research during Ph.D. mainly focused on optimization and modelling lab-scale on phyto/bio-remediation of petroleum polluted sites using organic wastes. She also deployed 13C stable isotope carbon as a novel technique to monitor the process of biodegradation. She investigated the biological potential of a novel Bacillus train on degradation of heavy metal and organic commands from soil and water. Later on, she received the “National Natural Science Foundation” of China fund for young scientific researchers, and joined the environmental engineering research group at Fudan University in Shanghai. She continued her research on improving biogas production through anaerobic digestion of bio-waste and developed a strategy for syngas biomethanation in biogas reactors. In 2019, she awarded the TECNIOSpring+ research grant under Marie Skłodowska-Curie Horizon 2020 program and joined the BETA Technological center. Currently, she is working on nutrient management strategy to produce competitive fertilizers that contribute to increasing crop yield through recycle valuable nutrients from biowastes and produce bio-based fertilizers.